No, I’m not writing a post on a fun-sounding circle of Hell. Rather, I wish to discuss something that will trigger the :3 and ❤ reactions out of you.

This adorable pile of Evil and Death is named Pandemonium McCunningham, and is my first child. I first met her almost three months ago, when she looked like a fluffy mouse resting in my palm. Now, almost 12 weeks later, she is the fiercest threat to my life to date (beating out high school drama for the spot).

Of course, pets are a tremendous responsibility, and there are many hazards to owning a pet. The first is the constant shadow looming over my shoulder every time I sit down. Cats are notorious for attempting to slay their owners, and Pandemonium is exceptionally talented at ambushing me. Just the other day, she managed to rip a chuck out of my toe by hiding on a lower bookshelf and jumping on me when I wasn’t looking. Even now, she is staring at me, plotting.

Despite the patricide and general terror and havoc, Pandemonium is possibly the cutest thing ever. Except for Starfy. Starfy is pretty damn cute.


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