Currently Gotham

I’ve been reading a lot of comics lately, and I will admit right now that I have always leaned more toward DC than Marvel (which is not to say I dislike Marvel). Please note that the following does contain a lot of spoilers.

In the DC universe for the past several months, huge events have been taking place. The first was the Batman R.I.P. story arc which shows the “death” of the Dark Knight. Immediately after that series, Grant Morrison began the Final Crisis story, which saw the end of the world and the true(r) death of Batman, in which Darkseid sends Batman’s soul flinging through time and space before he arrives at the side of the dying Anthro (a prehistoric hero in the DC universe).

Now, being an avid Batman fan, I have tried to some degree to follow the events of major Gotham City characters, resulting in me following both the Bat family and Renee Montoya (the Question). I’ll get to Renee later. For the moment, let’s look at the Battle for the Cowl. The primary focus of this arc is Dick Grayson, who has to come to terms with Bruce’s death and fights taking on the mantle of the Bat, because (as it is later revealed), Bruce asked him not to.

Of course, without the Caped Crusader and thanks to the lasting effects of the Black Glove’s involvement in Gotham, the city is in chaos. There are turf wars between the Penguin and Two Face, and someone taking on the look of the previously slain Black Mask is running amok with the major supervillains. Dick, Tim Drake (the last Robin under Bruce) and Bruce’s son, Damian (the grandson of the villain R’as Al Ghul) fight to reclaim the city, only for Jason Todd, the mentally unstable second Robin, to put on the cowl and slaughter criminals left and right.

In the final battle between Todd and Grayson, Todd falls to his death, signifying the end of the false Bat and the rise of the new Batman – Dick Grayson, with Damian as Robin. Tim Drake takes off as the Red Robin (Todd’s last costumed identity, picked because Drake felt he would do things that would disgrace the name of Robin) and goes on what most call a crazy mission – to find Bruce Wayne.

The stories of this immediate family show a strength in unity and ability. However, there is the red-headed stepchild…

In Gotham, the Batwoman, Kate Kane, is kicking the collective asses of the Religion of Crime members in Gotham, attacking the 13 covens they have, lashing out against them after they tried to have her killed in 52. What gets me is that Kane was incredibly pissed off at Montoya when she became obsessed with the cult (albeit for a different reason), and she now can do nothing else but focus her rage on them?

Meanwhile, Renee Montoya (who, long story short, received the mantle of the Question from Vic Sage in the 52 series), is currently running around the world making house calls, when I had seriously hoped to see Kane and Montoya (former lovers… yeah, Batwoman is a lesbian and so is the Question) working together. Both were icons in the Dark Faith and were sought after relentlessly.

Maybe it’s just me, but some of the potential seems lost. Grayson and Damian Wayne are fine. It’s symbolic to show the understudy of the Batman having to now deal with a rebellious Robin, bringing Grayson’s career full circle.

But what of Drake, Kane, and Montoya? Drake storyline has potential, and I hope it isn’t wasted, but if it is, the character will be crippled beyond belief. Meanwhile, Kane is currently obsessed with revenge and Montoya is in a Latin country it just seems she’s just being wasted there when the effects of the Final Crisis still seem to linger.

I also can’t stand short-haired Montoya. Just a personal thing.


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