I Love You, Autocorrect

As I sit in a deer stand, posting this and thinking that perhaps one can blog from anywhere (I will be testing this hypothesis next week after I steal the Magic School Bus), I am also texting my sister-in-law. And that is when it hits me.

Autocorrect is saving the grammar as we know it.

Try typing in typical text speak to someone from an iPhone (you heathens who disabled autocorrect need not apply). Go for “id do that” and see what happens.

It changed “id” to “I’d” for you! Unless you are discussing Freud with me (I have no psychology major friends, mind you), this autocorrect feature may have saved our friendship. Now, it doesn’t change everything, but it’s a hell of a start.

Keep going, Apple. You’re mission is suddenly very clear to me.


One thought on “I Love You, Autocorrect

  1. Georgia says:

    Is this a great country, or what? Now we just have to attempt to get close to almost spelling correctly and it’s taken care of for us. Like auto dial did for remembering numbers. That frees up so many brain cells. Hmmmm, what shall we do with those extra cells…..oh shiny…..

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