Bacon lubricant.

Bacon lubricant.

…Bacon. Lubricant.

Whoever had this idea should be put in charge of our economy, because he, she or they know how to think outside the box to get things done around here.

What was the thought process here? Was it a woman who wanted to be relaxed and smell like breakfast? Was it a man who thought “You know-…” Actually. You know what? I don’t want to know what a man would have been thinking when that idea was born.

This is the greatest bad idea to have money made off it and I am willing to bet that it sticks around. Because people are insane.


One thought on “IT’S BACON!

  1. Jim McAlpin says:

    So I have a theory that is a little more disturbing than you might have previously thought.
    This is an attack on the gay community.
    The republicans developed this as the anti-gay-serum they have been searching for! Think about it… somehow this will makes its way into the gay community, the bacon flavor will trigger the testosterone producing regions of the brains of the fanny bandits and this will cure the gayness of the two people involved. Sadly once they realize what is going on the will begin to fist fight because the other person was acting gay. But since they aren’t gay anymore they will go out for a beer when the fight is over. And thus the world has 2 less butt pirates, because that is the power of Bacon.
    (The previous post does not reflect the actual opinion of the person writing it, it was meant to be humorous and, perhaps, cause laughter)

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