The Other Candidates

Yeah, so I only focused on Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. For all intents and purposes, it looks like Romney will take Iowa… sadly. However, there are other candidates out there, too. You have Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann (I like to refer to them as the “Wonder Twins,” not because of their magic rings but because they are constantly wondering what some of the big words like “caucus” mean), Newt Gingrich (BECAUSE I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… FREE FALLIN’) and John Huntsman (no witty comment because I want him to be the candidate). Getting honorable mention is Herman Cain (who could stare Bill Clinton down and say “One intern? That’s a slow day for me.”).

Honestly, the Republicans took a long hard look at Barack Obama and said “Let him wreck the country for another four years. Then we’ll swipe the Oval Office and the Senate for sure!” A risky gambit, but it could work. Provided we have overthrown the U.S. government by 2016 and installed a dictator. I mean, look at the remaining choices. The Republicans say “Anyone can beat Barack Obama!” and Perry and Bachmann step forward and respond with “Challenge accepted.” What the the hell do either of these two have that would make them good leaders?

Gingrich might be all right if it weren’t for the fact that he was Gingrich. The man has a reputation, and whether social baggage is important to you or not, it is clearly important to some people. But, the thing is, this is the man who took Reagan Conservatism and turned it into a Republican party people actually gave power to. The man is a propaganda machine. But, that is about all he’s good for, in the end. And, I think voters are starting to recognize this as we watch him fail to combat his free fall in the polls.

John Huntsman is apparently banking it all on New Hampshire. It’s a risky move, but could yield interesting rewards if the play works. But it’s another sign of something that is becoming quite evident: Iowa is losing its spot as the most important primary. Some will argue that it never was, but the amount of attention it receives is staggering enough to give the idea that it was one of the most important political events of any presidential cycle… and Huntsman is ignoring it. That says a lot when you stop and think about it.

When it comes down to it, I like Paul and Huntsman as candidates, but it is very unlikely they’d get the nomination, which is bothersome, considering all the others and how underqualified they all really are.


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