Rounding Third

It seems that this is true of a lot of things in my life recently. Most importantly, we’re getting really close to Elizabeth Jane’s birth. I cannot begin to describe how excited and nervous I am, along with all the other emotions that come into play just thinking about it. In six weeks, I will be holding my very own child, a little girl I am fully expecting to spoil the hell out of.

I am arguably rounding third in this diet. It’s not anywhere close to done, but the hard part (the holidays) is over. The amount of temptation I fought through (and sometimes failed to beat) was overwhelming, but in the end, I still lost 10 pounds over the two weeks that included Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The rest will be smooth(er) sailing, though I don’t think I’ll ever stop craving pizza. And fried fish. And a Whopper. And ice cream.

I’m rounding third on my time in Natchitoches, too… That is pretty hard to swallow, but my life ambitions necessitate that I spend some time out of my hometown and  gain experience and education elsewhere. Moving to Lafayette will be challenging, especially with a new baby, but the change is coming this summer, and I am excited, if not a little nervous.

Life changes. I have to accept and even embrace that fact.


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