Harley Quinn… The Movie?

That’s right! I caught wind of this project and had to post about it. A small production company has decided to make a film on Dr. Harleen Quinzel, who later became Harley Quinn, a throwaway character from the “Batman: The Animated Series” show from the 90s. Quinn became so adored, though, that she stayed even got introduced into the comics and has been a fun character to watch evolve ever since. The site is providing a new, interesting look into the character for this movie.

“The dominant themes found in female comic book characters are now-cliché tropes of the independent, sassy and spirited woman who never lets herself be walked on, can do anything, and needs no one. This popular interpretation would call for Harley to regain her sanity, become fiercely independent, and leave the Joker for good. However, Gotham Origins: Harley Quinn, shows us that in her choice to step into the Joker’s world she comes to embody the purest definition of feminism –as a rare example of a three-dimensional, complex, and sometimes controversial existence in which Harley is a developed woman more empowered by her submission to the Joker than she would ever be by attempting to dominate him.”

So, go check out this page and maybe you’ll feel like contributing to them.

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