Dropping and Debating

Okay, so I skipped a few things with regard to this presidential election. Frankly, after Jon Huntsman dropped out, I thought I’d just stop paying attention. Yes, I knew he didn’t have a shot, really, but I hoped that he’d get it. With regard to who is left, I’d want Gingrich over the rest, which scares the hell out of me. Huntsman has the national attention now, though, and if the eventual candidate were to give him any serious thought, I think he’d work well in the state department. His dropping out means Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are left. Which brings us to South Carolina (y’all).

There was a debate on Monday night. I didn’t watch it because it was on during WWE Raw, and since Kane is back (with a mask and everything!), screw politics. I did watch clips and eventually a recording of it later, and it was one of the best debates Gingrich has had. Also, somewhere along the way, someone taught Santorum how to speak without stuttering. Now, Santorum is unable to defeat Barack Obama at any level. Gingrich is a political mastermind and propagandist. Of the two that did arguably the best on Monday night, I would say Gingrich is the way to go.

No, I don’t think Romney did all that well. Sure, he gave all the right answers, but he lacked enthusiasm about it. It was in his eyes. He knows he’s on top, and he’s just got to keep the train moving. Romney is the likely candidate, but he is not ideal. Worse yet, I don’t see him defeating Obama either. To be honest, I don’t see any of them doing it, but at least Gingrich has a better shot.

Ron Paul had a terrible performance. There were contradictions, confusing statements and strange looks in his eyes (granted, that is perfectly normal). Paul is struggling to maintain relevance when it comes to the really Conservative states because he doesn’t follow the party line all that well. That’s actually exactly what the Republicans need in a candidate, but they will not give him any help whatsoever.

The final candidate is Rick Perry. Dead last everywhere he goes, he’s not even polling well in Texas, where he is currently the governor! He is, at best, in second place in his own state, and still several points behind Romney. Perry needs to back out and endorse someone. If he did, it would likely be Santorum because of the Evangelical Conservative similarities, but you never really know, do you? Perry is just as bad as Santorum when it comes to the ridiculously over-ideological social conservative values, but he has the executive experience to know you can’t actually do all that in office. Santorum will learn that really early if he gets the nod (he won’t).

I’m really disappointed in how the Republicans have treated this nomination season. There is no unifying voice in the party. In a year where defeating Obama with a strong, unified front is vital, they instead showed no party organization and have doomed themselves to four more years of legislative inactivity.


One thought on “Dropping and Debating

  1. Good one, Joe. I also missed the SC debate…but after catching most of the previous 15, what more is there to say? Regardless, your point about lacking a unifying voice is an important one. I think it’s largely because the GOP is now a coalition, more so than it ever has been. This doesn’t mean the party won’t pull together in the end, but there will be many who are unhappy about doing so.

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