MMOs, Resident Evil 6 and Kingdom Hearts

Hello. Let’s talk about video games.

For those that are unaware of what an MMO is, it stands for Massive Mistake Oncoming. At least, that seems to be what recent MMOs actually are. Look first at DC Universe Online. It’s gotten better, but when it first started, there was terrible customer service and support, violently huge patches and more lag than an 80 year old on the interstate. Yes, they got better, but it was a rough start. I still play it, but not nearly as often as I used to. The “replay” value isn’t there for me, but I’m not much of an MMO guy. I just got into this game because it was DC.

Another good example of a rough start for an MMO is Star Wars: The Old Republic. This one may be lost for good, what with Electronic Arts screwing things up as much as possible (their only victory with this game). They have inept project leaders, apparently, and little to no creativity, and they were working with Lucas God Forsaken Arts (fun fact: that was the original company name). SWTOR will not recover from the parent company’s administrative decisions, if even half the rumors from the development team are true.

In more positive news, I am screaming little a schoolgirl at a Backstreet Boys concert over Resident Evil 6. The trailers look fantastic, I am so glad we’re back in a city, and Leon. I’ve never been a big zombie guy, but dear God, I love this series. My one objection is that the “6” in the logo looks like a woman giving oral satisfaction to a giraffe. Because some of you read this blog at work, I won’t post the logo.

Resident Evil 6 means a lot of good things. One, Capcom aren’t totally screwing themselves (but damnit are they ever trying). Two, Leon. Three, a good shooter that isn’t based on military warfare is coming out. And, finally, Leon.

I am a Leon fan.

Finally, I wanted to talk about Kingdom Hearts. This series holds a special place in my heart. However, while I like the handheld games, I really wish Square would jump back to developing a hard console release, rather than working on spin-offs of Final Fantasy XIII (which is a decent game, but Final Fantasy spin-offs never really work out well). Also, Square cannot seem to recover from Final Fantasy XIV’s complete failure as a game (that was another MMO, as an aside). While FFXIV is supposed to be getting a “re-launch,” the company has had a huge problem understanding its customer base. Final Fantasy XI, its first MMO, was a huge success. But instead of building on that, they released a half-finished product, stuck the label “14” on it and tossed it into the marketplace.

Get off your high horses. Give me Kingdom Hearts 3.



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