Changes and Additions to the Blog

Hey, guys. Once again, I really want to start by saying thank you so much for reading and following the blog. It’s been fun to keep up with and I really hope to be able to grow this in some way beyond just my opinions. With that in mind, I want to announce a couple things about the blog’s future.

The first is that I will soon be (hopefully regularly) getting some (semi-)regular guest writers for the blog. It’s not that I’m getting lazy on you guys, but with work and school about to compete with a baby for my attention, I have to adjust some things. So, while I won’t stop blogging, I will be cutting back a bit to accommodate life changes. However, I will be adding some posts every so often not only written by me, but also by some friends who have decided to shamelessly promote their thoughts (after much begging from me, I can assure you) on this site. The first couple are actually coming up rather quickly, so get ready.

Also, after some serious thought, I will be changing the URL of the blog. “Temporary Access Granted” was always meant to be a filler until I could figure out a new title… but I never could. So, I’ll be taking suggestions from here on out for the new address. You can comment here with your suggestions or catch me on Facebook or Twitter.

All that said, I’m very excited about the prospect of growing this thing into something that everyone can enjoy. If you are interested in writing something for this blog, get in touch with me. I’d love to get a bunch of different opinions on just about any subject. I will never, ever reject a post because of a political or ideological difference. If your grammar sucks and I don’t feel like editing, though… yeah, you’re screwed.


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