President’s Day

So, by the time you read this, President’s Day was yesterday and today is Mardi Gras. The day after is Ash Wednesday which begins the lead-in to, in my opinion, the most important holiday for Christians. Hint: It’s not Christmas.

President’s Day seems like little more than a day for the Postal Service to get a break. No one really seems to stop and think what the day is about. Think about it, though. In America, we have had more than forty leaders in less than three hundred years of history, and we’re still standing. Countries like China and Egypt have millenia of history under their belts, yet the U.S., in a short amount of time (a couple hundred years is a blink of an eye in the annals of history), became the most dominant global force. And, each of those leaders had a hand in it one way or another. Sure, some of them didn’t do much more but fill in a term or two between more active leaders, but they kept the country going.

Interestingly, though, no one ever seems to stop and appreciate the fact that they are up there doing that work. It’s strange that the one office that deserves respect ultimately gets very little. They get attacked personally, their lives dug into and ultimately dragged down by the media in an effort to feed some Ancient Roman-style bloodlust. The office commands respect for the sheer amount of crap these people have had to put up with. But they don’t get it. George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been attacked so thoroughly in my life that I know more about their personal history than I do some of my closest friends. That just doesn’t seem right. Both had questionable policies and are difficult to credit any success to, but they still held the job and had to put up with people like me questioning them at every turn and the media ripping them to shreds daily. President’s Day should be about honoring these men, and the ones that came before them, if only to tell “Congratulations for not quitting after all the crap we’ve put you through.”


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