Exile? Or death?

So we have it. The NCAA has handed down its judgment on Penn State, and it’s pretty big. $60 million in fines, probation for five years and Joe Paterno is no longer the winningest coach of all time. He’s now number 12 on the list.

lmao "humanitarian"

Above: “Humanitarian”

But is it enough? A lot of people were hoping for the “Death Penalty,” the NCAA’s iron fist pulverizing your team out of participation in football. The DP (yes, I am using that abbreviation, so suck it perverts) got it’s name after the SMU punishment for its player scandal many moons ago. SMU only recently recovered from that punishment. So, why not give it to Penn State? From the janitor on up, they covered up the crime of REPEATED CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. There is a special place in Hell for those involved, but the entire school should not be punished with the DP (told you) for two main reasons.

1. There is a difference between SMU and Penn State

The difference between the two is who was involved. SMU’s scandal involved the whole damn team. It was a player compensation scandal. Therefore it was appropriate to punish the whole team. In the Penn State case, it was an example of administration cover-ups. From the coaches on up, with the players knowing little to nothing and not participating in the scandal, it is not appropriate in this situation. To punish the players for doing nothing wrong and to punish the coaches who came in to try to rebuild the team after the scandal.

2. It’s the economy, stupid.

Yeah. It is. Crippling that community with the DP (just let go of your anger) in the current U.S. economy is very, very bad and would look very, very bad on the NCAA. It’s very likely that the politicians would have gotten involved and just like everything else they get involved with, we the people would suffer. That program is a huge money maker for that community, and it will impact them very, very badly if they do that. The university will already face tons of losses in civil lawsuits, plus the NCAA fine… they’re crippled enough. To punish the entire community is a/the most dangerous game for the NCAA to play.

It’s not pretty, but it’s reality. The punishment is enough, and colleges across the country are going to think twice about a cover-up of this magnitude. Or they’re going to kill all witnesses. Either way, it’s a lesson learned.


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