Is anyone else excited?

Finally, we can all sit back, relax and actually be allowed to feel something that isn’t “What the hell?” toward the Romney campaign.

This has been the most boring race so far, at least in the Romney camp. Miscues, missed opportunities, Andrea Saul’s absolutely inane statement and nothing for a Conservative to sit back and say HOORAY over. Then, this morning last night happened. The story broke. The story about Wikipedia proved to be pretty valid. Greta van Sustren’s deleted post was pretty telling, moreso than if it had stayed up. The media went into media mode (if you’re wondering what other modes they have, don’t). Paul Ryan’s name came bubbling up in the mainstream, and we all knew.

Well, all of us except my friend Bobby, who lives in Virginia wanted it to be Bob McDonnell. Luckily, Dick Morris had predicted it would be McDonnell, so I already knew my friend would be disappointed.

I’m a Louisiana guy. Jindal’s name had been tossed around a bit, but I didn’t really think that would happen either. Rubio wasn’t a viable option yet. Pawlenty and Porter were about as good an option as selecting me. The other names on the media “shortlist” were just as unlikely. I’ve come to figure that when the media gives out a shortlist, they’re just guessing based on which candidates are loud enough.

So, Romney picked Paul Ryan. And the excitement continues. The media has loved today, I guess because they would have had to focus on Syria again, and that’s just getting depressing.

What does this mean? Well, it means Conservatives have a renewed sense of faith in the Romney campaign. Fiscally and socially, he’s a solid choice, and the base can have a reason to give a damn that isn’t “Anything but Barry.”

It means the Liberals don’t have to deviate from their anti-Romney message. They can essentially take all their statements about Romney and add in Ryan’s name, because they fear the same thing from them: an actual fiscal policy. Oh, and white people.

It means I get to see Biden get his tail handed to him in a debate.




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