Oh my God, a new video of Obama changes everything! …Except not really…

The Daily Caller has posted the “damning” video of a Barack Obama speech from 2007. It was simultaneously prepared to be made public with Sean Hannity and The Drudge Report at 10/9 CST. Hannity opens his show with it. Drudge put it up. The Daily Caller’s reported was on Hannity’s show and ready to let ‘er rip.

My God. He's out of control.

“I was going to vote for Barack Obama, but his racially charged remarks in 2007 have changed my mind. I’m voting Romney.” -No one, ever. (via @TADiLascio on Twitter)

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. This is a divisive, racially-tinged speech. However, and I want you to really pay attention here, it’s not going to make a damn bit of difference in the election.

“But why, Joe? I mean, this is terrible stuff!” Yes it is, person I made up kinda like Obama made up his girlfriend in his book. But there are three sides to every political story: The Left’s, The Right’s and The Rest’s. The Rest is the key to the election. They’re the center folks. They’re the Independents. They’re… not going to care about a video posted on Conservative sites or aired on Conservative shows. It just won’t charge them up. The Right is in full-blown “GET HIM!” mode and the Left is pushing a Paul Ryan video they say is a lot like the 47% video of Romney. OH MY GOD, THEY’RE SAYING THINGS THAT are totally expected of them in a highly-politicized environment.

Barack Obama was speaking to a black crowd. He was charging up a black voter base. He said things that would appeal to that group. In many ways, it’s a lot like 47% comments or Paul’s speech the Huffington Post put up. These guys are speaking to supporters and saying things that are going to appeal to them. A little different in the 47% video because Romney was discussing political strategy (it would have been a waste of the money those donors he was speaking to gave him to go after that 47%), but it all ends up being the same thing.

It’s politics.

If someone tells you that “shocking video” will change the election, hit them with a rolled-up newspaper like they just pooped on the floor. Then look at them and sternly say “No.”


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