First Reactions: The debate

Okay. The first debate is over. I have radio stations and cable news going on all over the place. The cacophony of analysis is very telling. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

First and foremost: It is no secret I prefer Romney here. A lot of you are going to tell me Romney lied or the moderator was terrible, and that’s fine. The only problem here is that a lot of the debate is just as much presentation as actual fact. That is a problem for some people, but that’s what happens.

Romney had that… how was it described to me?… “shit-eating,” “creepy,” and “pedo” smile going on. But he smiled the whole time. He showed no frustration with Obama’s jabs and statements. The president, meanwhile, was stuttering and looked very frustrated. Half his answers were a Hansel and Gretel trip into the woods. And despite the question being miles away, he would find the $5 trillion gingerbread house and feast on it… much to the rest of our confusion. The fact-checkers are already at work trying to discredit the candidate’s (mostly Mitt’s) responses. They’ll fact check and fact check and fact check, but… the story’s over. The debate happened. You’re not, dearest media, going to change that initial impression.

You know the saying: You only get one first impression. Romney made a good one. Obama… not so much.

Now, I had some issues with Romney, but even when he mentioned the Massachusetts health care plan, he was fantastic at contrasting it to the Obamacare plan. He did so much in terms of building the wall between he and Obama. The president, meanwhile, and this is something I thought was really interesting, pulled his punches. Romney, strangely, didn’t. There was so much for him to use. There were opportunities I just knew he would mention the 47%. But he didn’t. Did they switch campaign strategies?

This turned out much differently than I expected. I’d love to know your thoughts. Comment below.


One thought on “First Reactions: The debate

  1. A clear, concise, well-thought-out first response. I have nothing to add, except I would say that to say this was Romney or Obama’s first impression is a bit of a stretch. Both have been running for president for going on six years now 🙂

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