I have nothing to write about, so instead here’s some random thoughts

The Oatmeal is a fun website.

I haven’t seen my daughter since Sunday. She came home today and, because I am potentially infectious, I can’t hold or play with her.

Please follow @TADilascio, @ShaneyBeeBack and @EWErickson on Twitter. They’re cool dudes.

Is Big Bird this election’s Joe the Plumber?

With at-home HIV testing, just how awkward are one-night stands going to get?

Anytime I even look at the bedroom, the cat runs in there at full speed just to make sure I don’t steal her food.


Music of the Right Now:

Muse – The 2nd Law

John Hiatt – Mystic Pinball

The Killers – Battle Born


Things You Should Read:

Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible

The FairTax


Lookit What’s On TV:

NCIS and NCIS:LA are still rocking.

Grey’s Anatomy is tremendously depressing.

Elementary is awesome and you should watch it.

Law & Order: SVU is still pretty good. Seeing Allstate’s Mayhem back in his old role as Detective Cassidy was awesome.


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