Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In October, a lot of focus goes toward Breast Cancer Awareness, which is cool, because that is a devastating disease, and early detection is vital for those who have it. I am in no way trying to lessen that. However, it is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is also worth getting behind and helping out with.

Do your part.

I am in no way a person who has ever been a victim of this type of violence. I don’t know anyone who has. I have, however, gotten to work with some incredible people who help those who have been victims. Most communities have a shelter of some sort. Men, women and children who are in these situations can escape that life. Sometimes, though, it seems impossible. Abusers like control. Physical, emotional, monetary… it doesn’t matter. They do what they can to control anyone and anything around them. Sometimes, it’s just difficult to get out of it.

Domestic violence exists. It’s a very real problem, and its victims are everywhere, whether you know it or not. This is sounding an awful lot like a PSA, but there’s really no other way to say it. I don’t need to recite statistics to you. I don’t have to show you pictures. I don’t need to find news stories and paste them or link to them here. You know it’s out there.

Control, like I said, is the main reason this happens. And, when its allowed, the violence can only escalate. A man hits a woman one day and the next day he gives her flowers and apologizes, saying “I didn’t mean it. I love you.” And she forgives him… only for it to happen again. It keeps going. And going. And going.

It’s a tragedy.

Again, this will sound like a PSA, but you can help. Make a donation to a local organization or shelter. Find out if you can volunteer. Intervene and help a friend. Whatever needs to be done. Things like this don’t need to continue, so do your part to make it stop.


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