Dreams and wishes for the VP debate

Tonight at 9/8 CST, the first and only debate between incumbent Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan will take place. It looks to be exciting. I am not one of the ones thinking Ryan is guaranteed to run away with it. Biden is an experienced politician who has had a long history of Senate debates behind him. He has the experience to handle this.

I think the build-up for these debates hasn’t been enough for this election season. As important as this race is, I think we should pre-game it. I want to see Lee Corso putting on a giant Joe Biden head while Kirk Herbsteit analyzes the upcoming debate. Then…

Shift the camera to Lou Holtz. He’ll say some things you don’t understand but, when he gets to the end of the speech, you know two things. One, he thinks Notre Dame will win tonight’s debate and, two, you now know for a fact he has no idea what the hell he’s talking about.

Camera cuts to Boomer who is way too excited for this and quickly recaps the first presidential debate in sixty seconds. Yes, his words run together, but you get the point. All of a sudden, they bring out the big guns.

John Madden is on your TV.

John Madden and Wolf Blitzer are getting geared up. Blitzer notes the candidates walking toward their podiums. Madden makes less sense than Holtz, but at the end of their segment, the moderator begins to speak. The debate starts.

Holy crap, that would be awesome.


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