Brief VP debate recap update

As I was typing this post last night, I purposefully did not listen to the initial polls that came out from the various news networks. I did not want my vision clouded by them. So, after I posted it and began looking, imagine my joyful surprise that CNN basically confirmed what I said – It was a tie. 48% of voters thought Ryan won. Biden got 44%. The persistent vote stealer, Undecided, picked up 8%. The poll had a margin of error of +/- 5%. I would bet that most of the polling average sites will sit around the same number.

When both sides are telling me their candidate knocked it out of the park, then I know the debate rallied the bases but did nothing for the independents and undecideds. I think polling that will come out over the next several days will verify this. The momentum hasn’t changed at all. It’s still incumbent on the president to bounce back after his own failings in the last debate. It is incumbent on the challenger to keep his momentum going.

I want to take a moment and reiterate something, by the way: Foreign policy is not going to play a major role in this election. I said it before and I stand by it. Even with the Libyan situation, the undecideds and independents are not going to be as swayed as Conservatives want them to be. The military is largely behind Romney as it is, as well. The demographics who vote based on foreign policy are either 1) those still paranoid about Communism after having lived through the Cold War, 2) foreign policy academics or 3) me.

Hopefully, there are not multiple 3s out there.


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