It’s the End of the World

We’re a week into what some people called the political end of the world. Barack Obama was re-elected! There was wailing and gnashing of teeth! Locusts and plagues!

Wait, that didn’t happen.

The sun rose today in Lafayette, LA. In fact, it rose everywhere. I’m sure some of you had a mostly cloudy day, but the sun was there. It didn’t darken and there was no eternal darkness. What we have here is an extremely slight overreaction. Yeah, I pulled for Mitt Romney. Yeah, I bought into the idea he could win. I was hoodwinked by the shiny, red bauble. And I was a fool for thinking it. Things happen, and if there is one thing history teaches us, it’s that American political shifts are either a cycle or a pendulum. I prefer to think of it as the latter because of the Edgar Allen Poe story, and I am pretty sure politics will be the death of me.

People are screaming about voter fraud costing Romney. They say we should secede. Obama will destroy the American Dream, crush free enterprise and we’ll all begin the slow descent into Hell and/or Communism. How Reynolds Wrap isn’t making a fortune off these people is beyond me, really.

How do I know this isn’t the end of the world? Because of history. There has never been a four year or eight year period that has destroyed a nation or its government. There have been 4-8 year periods that have significantly altered a political landscape, but never fully changed it. You can try to prove me wrong, but with history, there is always a strong undercurrent spanning decades that leads to the relatively short bursts of change in the history of nations.

In America, we freak out about sudden political change. We’re a young nation, though. Look at Egypt or China, who are among the oldest of the world’s nations. How many changes have they undergone? They still exist. America, dear friends, isn’t dying, nor is it dead. It’s young. It will survive, and we will thrive again.


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