My inner child wet himself in joy, but I was the one who needed new pants

Let me set the stage here.

I’m at the mall, probably the one in Alexandria, Louisiana, and I’m holding a book. Not a very big one, maybe 120 or so pages. I honestly can’t remember. What I can tell you is that while my mother, sister and sometimes my grandmother, if she joined us, shopped for clothes and whatever the hell it was girls do at malls, I sat in the food court and read my book. I was so into it that, by the time the shopping trip was over, I was done and begging mom to let me get another for the ride home.

The series was Animorphs, by K. A. Applegate, and as a kid, I was addicted. A new book came out about every month since it started. The plot followed a group of kids who acquired the ability to morph into animals by gaining their DNA simply through touching them. It was wacky and at some times cheesy, but holy lord, did I love the hell out of that series.

Nickelodeon tried to capitalize on the book series by making a TV series. It bombed, but it did launch the careers of the dude who played Ice Man in the X-Men movies and the dude who plays the wacky brother in Royal Pains. I don’t know or care about their names. Regardless, I mention all this for a reason.

Sony Pictures has registered four domains with “Animorphs” and “Movie” in the URLs. How do we know this? They redirect to the Sony Pictures site. They haven’t uttered a word about this, but let me tell you this – I will watch that movie, just like I watched Last Airbender, whether it sucks or not.


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