Internal Revenue: The Musical

I am so greatly fascinated by the idea of the IRS spending about $1,500 on a training video that teaches agents to dance. The idea that they would have the balls to actually tell us it was a team building exercise and that it saved the taxpayers more than one million dollars is so mind-boggingly hilarious that I am not sure I’m actually mad at this.

The scandal-ridden Internal Revenue Service is now under fire for spending issues. The government agency that is responsible for collecting our money is under fire for not handling money properly. Alanis Morissette’s song would have been a lot more accurate if that had been the irony she focused on. Don’t get me wrong, though. I find this incredibly awful, but then again, I am just as offended by the sudden influx of Justin Bieber on my Twitter timeline tonight, so I may just be an angry person.

Let me try to be positive here: I can see learning to line dance as a solid, team-building activity. The positive side of me thinks the IRS line-dancing is a great way to break the news that I’m under audit. I am so happy to think that I could open my door and the IRS’ top agents are out there, one of them holding a 90s-era boom box while the rest dance to “Footloose.” However, my negative and very cynical side rears its ugly head and I realize that this is the IRS. It’s incredibly likely they’d be doing the “Wobble.”

So help me, I am rescinding my support of the Fair Tax if the Cupid Shuffle is anywhere near it.


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