Even without Billy Zane, I am fine with Kingdom Hearts 1.5. Oh, and other game discussions.

I’ve made it no secret that I am getting the HD re-release of the Kingdom Hearts 1 saga. I’ve seen gameplay, I’ve watched cutscenes and I’ve listened to the music (which is phenomenal when recorded with an actual orchestra this time). You can’t really accuse me of spoiling it for myself… I sorta played the games already.

What I find most depressing? Signs indicate Billy Zane’s voice might not be reprised in his role as “Ansem” (who, in Kingdom Hearts II we find out is really the Heartless of some guy named Xehanort, who, in turn, used to be Terra before being possessed by a much old Xehanort… Oh, and spoiler alert…), though that certainly isn’t enough to make me want to shun the game entirely. In fact, knowing Richard Epcar’s talents in voice acting, it won’t feel too wrong to me, although it will be weird hearing Dong Zhuo/The Joker attacking Sora. But I can handle it.

I know quite a few people who got a PlayStation 3 for the sole reason of the potential of Kingdom Hearts III. They (We, I mean) waited for years and heard nothing. Always something about Final Fantasy Versus XIII delaying it or whatever. But, now, we have Versus XIII becoming Final Fantasy XV (which I will also get) on the PlayStation 4. And it looks mostly done while Kingdom Hearts III is under development.

In the meantime, however, 1.5 HD is the perfect way to tide us over. I just wish they had announced a 2.5 or just included all the games into one neat package (I’d pay extra for it). It gives a chance to relive that storyline one more time before we get into the next chunk of the series and its inevitable spin-offs. One thing I really do want to see is more of is the Power Wild Heartless. Those little monkeys were amazing and it’s a shame they went away.

Speaking earlier of Richard Epcar, though, I need to mention his role as The Joker in “Injustice.” I haven’t played the game (likely won’t – I suck at fighting games and I don’t want to blow my money on it), but I do know him as The Joker after he voiced the character in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Again, kinda hard to have Dong Zhuo of Dynasty Warriors playing him, but I was impressed, even if MK vs. DC as a game impressed almost nobody. Still, I have heard good things about Injustice. Maybe not Game of the Year quality, but you can only do so much with a fighting game and that kind of plot.

I also recently pre-ordered Dynasty Warriors 8, because, as you can tell from the above paragraphs, I like repetition. But, the series only really let me down on 5 and 6, and every other one has been okay to me. I’m glad for a little change and, most importantly, the return of Zuo Ci, the greatest fighter who uses cards since Luxord in Kingdom Hearts II (and Luxord is still better). After 7 included the Jin Dynasty, I honestly figured there was no way to top that. But they apparently added more cleavage-showing women to woo the younger lads and I have Zuo Ci and that hairdo I can slay people with.


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