OCRemix’s new album is amazing, specifically the Kefka remix

So, recently, OCRemix.org released a new album based on contributors’ works. If you don’t know, OCR is a site devoted to remixed soundtracks of video games. And the contributors are amazing. This latest one, however,  will go down as one of my absolute favorites.

It’s a Final Fantasy VI album, named “Balance and Ruin”, and the game it is inspired by happens to be in my top three favorite games.

In particular, there is one track I cannot imagine being any better. Artist Steffan Andrews remixed Kefka’s Theme in a track called “Ascension of a Madman” and it fits the character beautifully.

A quiet buildup, then a flurry of strings and horns. By the time the choir hits, the originally undiscernible words are recognizable as the praise the mad clown hears in his own, deranged mind. The music then takes a dramatic turn, an almost erracticly fast tempo, fully representing how quickly he can snap and things turn dramatic.

Most of the songs are like this. Various twists on the original music, but in a way that is oddly totally fitting. To make the most feared ninja in the game, Shadow, a theme that is totally Western in sound (originally, it had the tone, but the many artists in this piece fully embraced it) is was marvelous. There isn’t a track on the CD I don’t like.

You can go here to download it. I highly recommend it if you’re a video game lover or even just a music lover.


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