Not a Paid Endorsement

I have a few different subscriptions (some free and some paid) that I’ve come to deeply appreciate. Instead of a big long post tonight, I just want to mention a few of them.

The Week: If you want a summary of what happened and every possible take on it, this magazine and its website are perfect for you. I’ve got an iPad subscription that updates every Thursday evening. Underrated Feature – Houses on the Market. I can never afford them, but they’re so awesome to stare at and envy.

The Transom: Describes itself as “news and notes from around the web,” its editor is Ben Domenech who has a thing for libertarian populism. You can find some of his writings on RealClearPolitics and you can catch him in other media sometimes. Underrated Feature “Pick me up, Buttercup” section of the e-mail that is just a cute-as-hell video on YouTube.

Foreign Policy: Sadly, I don’t have a subscription to the magazine anymore, but I do get the Middle East updates every morning and scan those. Very much worth it just to get the headlines. I really do like the magazine, as well, and may someday get it again. Underrated Feature – The free e-mail subscriptions. Seriously, put your e-mail down for a couple. There is no reason not to visit. At all. Whatsoever. You can sign up and have weekly summaries sent to your e-mail. Humorous but pretty informative stuff goes on here,and if you think you’re good enough, they’ll let you write for them. Underrated Feature – I’m not sure how “underrated” it is, but the After Hours videos are amazing. I am not linking this because I post there. This one is for you conservative-leaning people. The editor, Erick Erickson, and the Front Page contributors (a lot of whom I’ve met and like) are nice folks. Sign up for the Morning Briefing to get the top Front Page posts in your e-mail. Underrated Feature – Again, I’m not sure how “underrated” it is, but the Tech At Night column by Neil Stevens is a good read for those of you who are technology junkies (and possibly conservative).

I’m not getting anything out of promoting these (though I should talk to Erickson about that…) and I’m really just doing this in case some of you want something to read sometime.


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