Ambitions and Dreams

Somewhere along the way, I plopped down onto the path of the journalist. I really enjoy it because I really like writing. And, as much as I used to hate going out and talking to new people or calling strangers, it’s become enjoyable. And I think that, while I can never see myself doing that for a long time, sports writing in particular has made me much better at that and is a good place to start, because coaches and players are a lot easier to talk to.

But, my problem is that I have never had, and still don’t have, any idea where it is I want to end up. I drift. It’s kind of a curse, and one my wife patiently puts up with. I have ideas, either half-formed or half-followed through, and I have an ultimate life goal, but the in-between is a damn mystery.

And it’s not that I want to plan every day from here on out. God no. That’s way too boring. But… I don’t want to be totally unprepared. I don’t know what the middle ground is at all. I have lots of examples I could follow, parents, friends, family, etc. But I can’t do it exactly like they did. Instead, I noticed a few universal truths among them and will just go by them.

As far as my goals go, ultimately, I want to leave the world a better place then how I found it. I want my kids to not be screwed by the world they live in (I’m looking at you, U.S. government). I want my cat to live forever. And I want my kids to see more than I have seen. But not “Cats” on Broadway. I draw the line there.

I have no idea what I want, career-wise. Sure, I would love to get back into radio. That was the most fun I have had in my short professional career. But, right now, it isn’t a possibility. So, instead, I’m just going to keep plugging along until I see something I like, then grab it.


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