Bombs Over Damascus

It doesn’t have the same ring to it that Bombs Over Baghdad does, and I am not quick enough to write a parody that fast. Just know it would be awesome.

Syria is a weird situation because it’s largely not a partisan situation. Some liberals are for it and some against. Some conservatives are for it and some are against. I am against it because there is absolutely no national security interest in it for the U.S. (oh, and the markets are pretty much assured to drop and gas prices go up the moment we launch strikes). What I do know is that Harry Reid will use legislative procedure instead of military to bring this before the Senate, which means he will need a super majority. And it can be filibustered (despite reports, Rand Paul will not filibuster it, he says right now). Reid’s move means two things:

1) He knows he doesn’t have the votes.

2) He wants big Republican support so the war can be dumped off on them later.

I think it’ll fail. The war has something like 80% disapproval right now. Of course, it failing Congress means nothing if Obama goes ahead with it anyway. Half of you reading that statement would be shocked to think he’d do that. The other half see it as business as usual.


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