Outrage and Selfies

I woke up this morning and, as I like to do, go check Twitter to see what’s happened in the world. To my shock and ultimate disappointment, it seemed a segment of the conservative Internet was shocked and appalled that our president, Barack Obama, shook hands with Raul Castro. There were a lot of angry tweets about it, and I read a lot of them.

What ultimately bothered me isn’t so much that he did it, but that so many people were quite upset about this. It was sort of mind boggling. I’m no fan of the president by any stretch of the imagination, and I do still hope that somehow the U.S. can recover from his administration. But, I wasn’t aware that we as a people had the energy to care about things like this anymore.

It’s shocking, really. I mean it. If you have the energy to be upset at who he was shaking hands with, you’re either mainlining coffee or cocaine. And, in either of those cases, I don’t think we can be friends. Your outrage has reached a point where it is like those Christmas lights engineers put up that synchronize perfectly to Gangnam Style, and yes, that is a thing that exists.

It sucks every bit of power you have and leaves you completely drained. It’s psychotic and you need to go lie down for your own health.

People were also upset today at the president taking a selfie with the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmitt and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Hashtag: RIPMandela on Instagram.

Hashtag: RIPMandela on Instagram.

Again, I’m not bothered that it happened. Apparently, funeral selfies are a disturbing thing that do occur. What bothers me here, and it’s something I cannot unsee, is that the President’s face in that photo is exactly like the “Dat Ass” meme on the Internet.

I-Is that you, Mr. President?

I-Is that you, Mr. President?

At this point, I just need a nap. After I get some rest, maybe I’ll care about something important. Like why WWE still lets Randy Orton actually speak into microphones on live TV.


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