The 2014 Yglesias Markers

Matt Yglesias, who is forever in the running as a terrible Internet writer (I realize it’s a large field, but he’s a mile ahead of most) posted a tweet that I think should be forever immortalized in everything ever.
In the spirit of the New Year, perhaps we should help Matt out with some of his potential predictions.

Laying Down The Marker: Immigration Reform Will Help The GOP Win 2014/2016
Nothing says “Expand Your Brand” like adding millions of a voters to a group that typically vote against your party. Karl Rove, Paul Ryan and the rest of the intellects in Washington D.C. are brilliantly maneuvering the GOP to a safer and more-loved position within the households of every American voter. They haven’t led the party wrong before, and I certainly cannot see them doing so again.

Laying Down The Marker: The ACA Will Bounce Back
Given the problems the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has faced in 2013, there is absolutely no place to go but up, right? I mean, sure, the website is still unbelievably unworkable, insurance companies don’t even know who is insured or not, and hospitals are having to tell people they actually don’t have insurance even when they think they got through the site. Surely, surely things will look up.

Laying Down The Marker: Democrats Will Win Big in 2014
Given Obama’s pivot to the economy and, more specifically, income inequality, this is the chance for the Democrats to take a key economic issue and turn it into another winning strategy. Sure, it’s no War on Women, but consider the ramifications of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer – more Democratic voters! The government dole is an excellent motivator to get people to vote for the guys who make that handout possible.

Laying Down The Marker: Everyone Will Forgot I (Matt Yglesias) Laid Down Any Markers
I mean, that was months ago. And I wasn’t that wrong, right? Look at the numbers the White House is giving us when it’s convenient for them to do so. They’re solid-ish. We’re clearly seeing a somewhat huge uptick in insurance applications. It’s all going to be okay. No, my thumb is not in my mouth while I type this with the other hand through my tears.


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