Dear PETA: I am writing this post as I wait in a deer stand, hoping to shoot, kill, and eat a deer.

That type of headline is called “click bait” and is something the Internet seems to like. I thought I’d try it.

Amazingly enough, the U.S. Chamber if Commerce is getting involved in Republican races bent on defeating conservative candidates. They are fielding centrist candidates to put a stop to the conservative menace. It seems particularly odd, given that the conservative candidates represent what the base of the Republican Party currently wants and that centrist candidates do not attract many GOP base votes. Just ask Mitt Romney.

It comes not too long after Mitch McConnell started strong-arming business into not having anything to do with the Senate Conservatives Fund and John Boehner trashed conservative politicians in a recent speech. The divide within the GOP is growing at a time when they should be working together.

The GOP leadership and DC consultants used conservatives to take a substantial victory in the 2010 midterms and now think that Obama has buried himself with his own policies enough that they don’t need conservatives anymore. Amazingly, they seem to ignore polling that shows the base values are a lot more closely aligned with conservative politicians than establishment/centrist ones. I’ve written before about the the Thermopylae-ing of the party, in which the establishment is willingly going into a battle with only 300 men vs. an army of thousands. They can’t turn away from the base in their legislating and expect the base to come crawling back much longer.

I don’t know what it will take to get the party unified again. Perhaps there can be a truce. Perhaps the establishment wins and takes over or perhaps the conservatives do. Either way, this is a very critical time for the GOP if they want to make some headway going into 2016.

In the upcoming Congressional races, 45 districts are in play – it could go either way in those districts. Of those 45, the Democrats need to win 43 to take back the House of Representatives.

The GOP will retain the House, clearly. It is the Senate that will decide whether or not the next two years of Barack Obama are salvageable. Republican voters have to figure out what they want in Congress. And soon.


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