Overdosing on Politics

Brandon Morse at Misfit Politics had a great post about it being okay to be burned out on politics, and he is absolutely right. Frankly, I can’t imagine the kind of lifestyle that can do it all day, every day.

I like to think of myself as very politically aware. I keep up with things, write up commentary on Twitter, here, or on RedState. I miss some things, and I’m only 25 years old. There is no way I have anywhere close to all the answers, and I know I have to temper my ideology with realism sometimes. All that said, no matter how much I read or write on politics, the fact is that it’s not something that any sane person should do 100% of the time.

I am blessed to have a nice number of you following this blog or my Twitter or my Facebook feeds, and I realize that, particularly when it comes to Twitter, you click on it because we share a common political lean. Some of you are genuine friends, too. Even family.

I’d like to think, however, that you can’t possibly expect me to do all politics, all the time. It would drive us both crazy. And I don’t expect you to demand all politics, all the time, either. To me, it’s a hobby. It’s not a field that pays me (at the moment), and even if it did, I don’t think I could devote 100% of my time to it.

I keep up with it during the day, and often at night, too. But I have a wife and a child. I like actual, mind-numbing TV shows and playing video games. I love reading and listening to music. Politics at all times would interfere with that. I’ve had a couple of followers on Twitter ask me why I don’t follow back. It takes one look at their timeline for me to see that they do nothing but post about politics, and that’s not something I want to see all the time. The political people I do follow also have a tremendous body of non-political tweets, and they realize that in order to keep an audience, be it Twitter or radio or TV, they have to entertain.

I like to entertain. Politically or apolitically, I like to spend time doing stuff that isn’t politics. And, I think, that’s why I don’t suffer absolutely misery like others do. I remember life outside of politics. And it’s good.


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