Shameless Self-Promotion


It’s been a few weeks since my last post, and I admit I’ve slipped off into a lull, but I want you guys to know I’m still around. Just doing things. In November, I switched a different job at the same newspaper, designing ads and editing the Lifestyles page.

Around the same time, I began writing for The Nerdy Bomb, a website devoted (shockingly) to nerdy topics – movies, TV, comic books, etc. – and so far I’ve got a couple of articles up there. Don’t just read my stuff, though. There is a lot of quality content and I can’t wait for more to happen as the site grows. Visit it, please.

Also, in terms of politics, I still write for a diary over at RedState, and my entries have been getting pushed up to the Front Page a few times. Again, it’s not just my stuff, but the writing of a lot of great guys you should be reading. I mean, yeah, read my stuff, but pay attention to what those guys are writing, too.

Lastly, to wrap up this post filled with shameless self-promotion, follow me on Twitter (@joec_esquire).

That’s really it. Have a delightful day.


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