Some Random Thoughts (And a Shameless Plug)

Rather than write an essay on one single topic, here are some random thoughts I’ve had lately. Also, please take a moment and visit my new page, The Joseph Cunningham Foundation For The Advancement of Joseph Cunningham.

  • You know, the pen is supposedly mightier than the sword. However, I would love to see how Shakespeare would’ve stood up against a shotgun. Sure, the revolutions he inspired in writing would’ve been missed, but I would’ve done better in English classes.
  • I’m really tired of zombies being in everything, but it’s better than the alternative – Shia LeBeouf.
  • I got into a major argument with some friends and it spilled over onto Facebook. The subject? Is it all right for a man to name his car with a masculine name. My car is named Tiny Tim. The arguments in favor of my side included Transformers and the General Lee. The opposition stated that it is clearly gay to do so. My good friend Andy described the opposition’s position well. “If you’re going to be in and out of something all day, might as well make it a woman.” My counter-argument was simple: If I’m going to trust my life to something on the road, it won’t be a woman.
  • John Cheese of Cracked is absolutely right.
  • There are days, mostly when I’m posting on, that I am convinced I made the right decision early in life to never respond to website comments.
  • In a recent interview on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, President Barack Obama said, “I’ve been unfairly maligned about my jeans.” You are the leader of the damn free world. Your fashion critics should be nowhere near your radar.
  • If you are taking your political talking points from Bette Midler, you truly are scraping from the bottom of a really stupid barrel.
  • Seriously, if you can make a donation that would allow me to read, listen to, or play things that I can review here and at The Nerdy Bomb, your efforts will be appreciated and recognized.

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