Why the Cowboys are America’s Team

A lot of people think the Dallas Cowboys shouldn’t be called “America’s Team.” Kind of arrogant for a team that has done nothing over the last several years to warrant that kind of nickname. Jerry Jones and Tony Romo are not really a pair you equate with America… Or are they?

I contend “America’s Team” works well for the Cowboys even now.

They have the gall to refer to themselves as representatives of America. They don’t always win, in fact they rarely do anything extremely successfully. Many times, they enjoy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as Tony Romo walks up to his opponent and hands them the ball. But, how is this not representative of America? This sounds exactly like the U.S. Congress.

The Cowboys and the U.S. used to be top dog. They were top in terms of everything. They were statistically the best, they could beat the hell out of anyone, and they had some powerful guys running the place. But, as time went on, they fell victim to really just insane leadership. Quality went down and, with it, their ability to compete.

However, there is one way in which both the U.S. and the Cowboys are both still top of their class: They can spend money like it’s nobody’s business. They spend money like they think it will fix all of their problems, and no one really has the heart anymore to tell them it’s not working.


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