Eric Brooks discusses “Turn Down For What?”

For weeks, I have been trying to figure out what the music video for “Turn Down For What?” is really about. I researched it, held controlled variable experiments, and drank a lot of liquor. However, my token ginger friend Eric Brooks explained it to me.

Ok, I get it.

The main character of the video is displaying the sexual frustration of the Chinese people. They are limited to one child, and therefore have to be much more careful in their married sex lives, leading to sexual repression. This is the story of a Chinese man experience true sexual freedom after coming to America and not being about to control himself or “turn down,” his mantra becoming “turn down for what” because the reasons he had been sexually repressed have been lifted he then falls into the next apartment.

A broken marriage in which the couple is no longer having sex. He passes his manta on to them, thus reuniting a broken family and saving a marriage.

The final room is essentially a representation of the youth of America. They are already very promiscuous, which is why they begin dancing before he does. They understood, and they were welcoming him into the fold.

The man is a genius.


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