“The Creator’s Room” goes live

I am very excited and nervous to announce that a new podcast, The Creator’s Room, is live. It’s a new podcast that will focus on content creators – writers, comedians, designers, innovators, and much more. Every two weeks, we’ll have a new episode up featuring folks who have taken their creative talents and brought to life a product many people can enjoy.

This episode is a big one, because there was absolutely so much to talk about. I’ve got Chris Sims, who is the writer behind the graphic novel “Down, Set, Fight!”, co-writer of “Sub-Atomic Party Girls”, a senior writer at ComicsAlliance, freelance writer at places like Cracked, and can be found on Twitter at the handle @theisb. I managed to keep Chris from being productive for two hours with this interview, so it’s broken up into two parts, the second part of which will be released in Episode 2.


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