If I Could Write A Storyline For WWE

In my time watching wrestling (and it’s a lot of time), I’ve seen a lot of great storylines come and go. I’ve also seen some just flop. It sucks when that happens because they can sometimes have some of the greatest build-ups.

Right now, however, I think there is one story that could use just a little tweak: The Authority.

The Authority is Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, husband and wife, and they literally run the show. But, playing the part of tyrants, they have employees who stand up against them. In the current plot, they are mostly opposed by John Cena, the face of the company, and Roman Reigns, and up-and-coming Superstar who has tremendous potential and talent. Unfortunately, the plot falls a little short.

See, the problem for me is that The Authority are all powerful, and I think the criticisms of the company’s writing that circulate online, at least subconsciously, recognize that. The Authority could just literally fire anyone who stands up against them. Granted, they won’t, but it’s an option they can threaten opponents with. But, what if they couldn’t fire them?

Imagine that being a scenario. Triple H fires Roman Reigns, but, later in the night, Reigns returns. Yes, that happens often enough, but he is carrying with him an envelop. Triple H reads it, blinks, looks to Reigns (who, by the way, is grinning now) and tears it up. He tells Reigns it doesn’t matter and, before he can say anything else, Reigns Superman Punches him.

As Stephanie screams at Reigns, new music hits, and a relatively young, but well-dressed, man comes out. Stephanie stops screaming and glares with angry recognition at who this person is. The man enters the ring, pats Reigns on the back, and sends him off. Triple H starts to get up until he sees this new guy, then he grows pissed, too. The man, with a microphone, looks between the two of them and just says “Your move,” before leaving.

Over the next week, speculation grows as to who this new guy is, until a Michael Cole interview drops online, and a profile is put up on WWE.com. This young man (whatever his ring name would be), is a young, but ambitious guy rising through the corporate ranks in WWE. He has decided to directly challenge the top dogs in the home office to prove he is somebody.

This man is no hero, mind you. He isn’t the traditional baby face character. He is an anti-hero at best, doing what is in his best interests, not necessarily the company’s, and not necessarily for the fans, though to a degree he will admit winning over the fans is part of his plan to “beat” The Authority. His goal is strictly to earn respect in WWE’s office, the politics of which sometimes make it to the airwaves. But such an open war at home, especially at a time when the real-life WWE Corporate was hit with unfavorable financial struggles, would make for some compelling drama.

Of course, I am not a writer for the WWE. Wish I could be, but hey. Things are the way they are.


One thought on “If I Could Write A Storyline For WWE

  1. This would be an entertaining storyline that is for sure! Their were rumours of a Shane McMahon return not so long ago but they seem to have disappeared. The Authority needs a good guy to manage Raw alongside them. As for Romain Reigns, I wish that the writers would release that he would just cut all ties with Dean Ambrose.

    Nice blog, I am following you. Feel free to check my blog out and follow back. Thanks 🙂

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