The Proud Sun God

Years ago, there sat a Sun God atop a white throne. This god was vexed at the problems the world was facing and vowed to take care of the people therein. His first goal was to curtail the power wielded by the strongest and give more of it to the oppressed. Under the Sun God’s watch, militaries were scaled back, and wars were ended. When chaos erupted in the desert, the Sun God offered peace to the people and worked to free them from tyrants.

When the Sun God was not on his throne, he was not paying attention to the world below. As he increased his time away, the forces of Chaos increased their presence in the world. The oppressed people he released in turn became oppressors. Some eagerly looked to the Sun God’s kingdom as their next goal. Alongside Chaos was his brother, Plague, who saw an opportunity to strike elsewhere, leading his troops to slaughter another people while the Sun God was away.

Now, the Sun God’s people grew angry and began to speak ill of him. The Sun God was aware of what was going on in the world, but he was a proud god. He knew in his heart that the evils of his world did not dare rise up against him so long as he sat on his throne. But, one of the Sun God’s advisers took him aside and pointed to the white throne, which was empty. “Sire,” said the adviser, “your throne has no occupant.” The god’s temper flared, and he cast out his adviser, saying “You insolent fool! How can you say the throne has no occupant? Am I not still the Sun God?”

But, as the people of the world and the evils that hurt them looked at the throne, they saw no one sitting in it. The people grew afraid and the evils grew brave. Soon, the evils were sneaking into the Sun God’s kingdom. Plague’s cold grasp touched the men in the southern kingdom, while Chaos greedily eyed the cities that held many citizens. The people were worried, and called upon the Sun God to help them. But the Sun God was overconfident, and ignored the people. His pride would not allow him to admit it was his fault the evils were approaching his kingdom. He scolded the people, especially those who criticized him, and told them everything was fine. The evils could be combatted without any more war, and that the panic was an overreaction by those who were not as smart as him.

In the end, when the Sun God’s reign was over, the kingdom was on the verge of collapse. The people were angry, and cursed his name. Everywhere he went, he was scorned for his behavior. Those who were his supporters turned their backs on him. Some even pretended to have never known him. The former Sun God was an outcast for a very long time. But, to him, it was not his fault. His pride never shrank. He blamed the people for being cowardly and unable to comprehend everything he believed he had done for them.

In the end, the world celebrated the end of his reign, but they were also fearful, for the forces of evil had claimed much in the Sun God’s absence. The other nations worried if they would be able to fight back an enemy that had been allowed to grow so powerful.


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