So… um… hi…


Sorry if it seems a little awkward here. I kinda… got busy. See, I got this new gig teaching English to seventh graders, got promoted to the Front Page at RedState, and I was swamped until last week, when Assassin’s Creed: Unity came out. So, we can expect further delays on this blog.

Still though, here’s a dandy little update:

You guys know I’m politically-minded (hence posting so much at RedState that they promoted me just to get me to write less frequently), so this Louisiana Senate race is really interesting. I’m not as sour on Mary Landrieu as the rest of the Republicans in the state (she has, in the past, done a decent job of doing her state right), but the moment the Democrats really started grabbing power like it was the last Capri Sun in the youth soccer team’s ice chest, that’s where she really went horribly awry… well, that and potentially stealing her initial Senate election, but that’s a story for a different day, I guess.

Mary’s time seems to be up, as the “influential” Senate Energy Committee Chairperson couldn’t whip together 60 votes for the Keystone XL Pipeline in the Senate (a bill, funnily enough, that was passed through the House by Bill Cassidy, her opponent for the December 6 run-off). This was about the only serious issue she could run on. I use the term “serious” in that last sentence as her most recent ad seems to be attacking Cassidy for giving an awkward speech.

A recent poll had Cassidy up 16 points in the run-off, but it was a campaign poll done by Magellan, a Republican group, so that could be a bit skewed. I’d estimate Cassidy is only up a mere 8-10 points among likely voters, which is certainly more favorite for the Landrieu campaign.

Now, in other news on this update, Assassin’s Creed – I finally beat Black Flag (admittedly, I had to force myself to get back into it since the intro was long and boring to me). The story was interesting as the conflict between the Assassin’s and the Templars was a background thing for most of the game. The most emotional moment of the game came when Blackbeard was killed in battle (the voice actor behind that character should be given a hug for his work).

The out-of-memory experiences in the game were an interesting turn for the Ubisoft folks. Since Desmond Miles’ story was over, they had to do something, and I think they did a decent job.

Unity, meanwhile, is proving a tougher experience. I described it to some friends as “an overhaul without looking like one.” The controls are the same, but the movement is more difficult to control, and the combat system is more complex. And, true to Assassin’s Creed form, makes it easy fairly early to make lots of money. Still, my biggest regret is not having more friends with PlayStation 4 consoles to play it with, as the multiplayer just looks fun.


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