Marketing to children is evil, y’all

So sayeth this documentary that I had to show my class…

The wonderful part is where it tells us that the youth marketing industry is Ronald Reagan’s fault, calls youth marketers pedophiles, and informs us that parents can’t raise children on their own anymore (sorta reminiscent of when Melissa Harris-Perry said children belong to the community, only this documentary says more succinctly that we need government to do parenting for us).

I began this particular unit excited at the study of writing expository essays and moving into argumentative essays, but it comes at a price, I have found – those that came up with this book are, indeed, incredibly biased as to what texts to put into the book. One of the persuasive speeches, for example, is a Hillary Clinton speech. They call for supplemental “independent reading,” but offer vague suggestions.

…Wonder if anyone will be upset that I replace the Clinton speech with a Reagan one.


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