The Liberal War on Fun

You should read this post by Leon Wolf on both Far Cry 4 and some liberal’s reaction to it.

The stated objection to the game is its violence (NB – the game is in fact violent and responsible parents will keep it away from younger children), but a deeper examination reveals that the author does not object to violence per se at all, but merely violence of the kind that triggers the author’s racial/cultural/speciesist guilt. It’s offensive to my sensibilities that a review of a video game written by a liberal no longer needs to even engage the question of whether the game is good as a video game or not, but rather only whether it is sufficiently inoffensive to liberals or not.

He’s absolutely right, and I want to add (if only to tweak folks a bit) that leftwing objectionists’ hatred for Ubisoft games isn’t new. There has been a lot of griping and moaning about Assassin’s Creed: Unity allowing customizable assassin’s, but not allowing you to customize their gender. Nevermind that some incredibly strong women have appeared throughout the series, the fact that you can’t play as one is irritating to people.

Many groups on the Left are engaged in something far more sinister than a War on Christmas. They are engaged in a War on Fun. There is a concentrated effort to, in many cases, shut down things that are fun simply because they might offend a group*, and this leads to censorship.

Still, I have heard Far Cry 4 is a good game (Leon’s posted about 20 hours, he says, as of this writing), and I like Assassin’s Creed: Unity. They are worth playing, damn the critics.

*This is not unique to just the Left, but damn do you see it everywhere on that side.


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