A Black Bond

Caleb Howe is either a friend or a nemesis. I’m not sure which. Regardless, he has this fantastic piece up at his site, Rabble Writer, about this story that blew up for no reason. And, not gonna lie, I’m upset, but for a different reason than Caleb.

Of course James Bond can be black, Limbaugh.

I base this almost exclusively on a fan theory posted at Cracked about Bond, and I reject this piece at Mediaite because of course Mediaite wrote a damn piece on this. Per Cracked:

There has been a theory among fans that there is no one single James Bond, but that “James Bond” is a codename passed on from one agent to the next as each retires (just as the titles of M and Q pinball from agent to agent). The theory explains the agelessness of Bond–note that Daniel Craig’s Bond became 11 years younger whereas Judi Dench’s M aged by four years.

The more you look into it, the more it makes sense. George Lazenby’s Bond had his wife murdered in the last film he appeared in, so fans could assume that his 007 retired out of grief. Timothy Dalton’s Bond went rogue and was kicked out of MI6. Pierce Brosnan’s final outing ended with Bond being abandoned by British intelligence. Next movie, there’s a new Bond in the tuxedo and the old one is presumably on a beach somewhere collecting a government pension.

Hell, even the guy who directed Die Another Day believed this theory. Wait, that was the Bond movie with the invisible car, right? Fuck that guy.

It makes a good bit of sense, and can easily be how there is a black James Bond. It is the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fifteen, so relying solely the original creator (who is dead) of the character isn’t always the best handling of the character. You limit the character’s ability to grow and change (or, in this case, just be played by someone totally new in another two movies or so).

I have the same issue with people who hate comic book movies because they deviate from the source material too much. Yes, Bane is not some brainless meathead, Peter Parker was never emo, and Superman probably should have just covered Zod’s eyes with his hands, but staying too strictly within the confines of the original material totally makes worthless the idea that the character can come to life.

So, yes, this is a stupid controversy. No, I should not have commented on it. But, yes, James Bond can (and, I believe, should be) black.


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