Three Years a Parent

Today is the third birthday of the single greatest thing I’ve ever accomplished in my life.

A Mitch McConnell impersonator.

A Mitch McConnell impersonator.

Elizabeth Jane Cunningham was born three years ago today in the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center after a fun-filled day of labor (I assume – I wasn’t going through the labor). I’ve taken to calling her “Scout” (it was always my plan to incorporate To Kill a Mockingbird into my family life, and I couldn’t name her Charles Baker Harris), and she proudly says “I’m Scout!” So there is that.

She was born in Natchitoches, lived there for a few months, and then we moved to Lafayette. She now has the distinction of having a Cajun North Louisiana accent, which is hilarious and, arguably, makes her bilingual. She has several movies she is obsessed with watching over and over again. She also shows signs of being a lefty, just like her father. Between that and her shaggy, thick, uncontrollable hair, I hope that’s all she gets from me. The sass clearly comes from her mother.

Being a parent has been the most interesting adventure of any of the ones I’ve taken, and has been more rewarding than anything else in my life. Most importantly, it is the single-biggest influence in my personal philosophy toward life. Being there, with Christa, through everything during her pregnancy, watching through ultrasounds as Elizabeth grew and developed into the small child that emerged into the world. And, from there, she has grown into a stellar child. There are few things in life that offer more pride than a young child that shows all the traits of being the wonderful person I know she will be.


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