The latest SVU episode perfectly encapsulates scandal and emotion in politics

Politicians and journalists are no strangers to the storytelling in SVU, but in a special episode, the story of just how close their relationships are becomes an emotional tale of abuse and false accusations.

The story starts out, as most do, with the discovery of the victim. What makes this episode unique is that the victim is not some helpless woman or a dead make with his genitals cut off. It is a group of grief-stricken journalists, all of whom work for different media outlets in the city. Detectives Tutuolla and Amaro are called to the scene, where they are instantly feared by the huddled mass of writers.

The journalists’ inherent distrust of the police make for a somewhat aggravating plot development as no one cooperates with the Manhattan Special Victims Unit enough for them to really get a clue of what happened. All they can determine is that a former mayor of the city has crossed a line with some sort of heinous abuse of journalists.

The climax of the story comes when, in the courtroom, the district attorney, despite the threats to his job from outside political forces, boldly asks a political beat writer the most direct question of the episode, and the most powerful one:

“Where did former mayor Rudy Giuliani’s comments on President Barack Obama touch you?”

The reporter can’t hold it back anymore as he tearfully explains just just how much the former mayor verbally abused the poor soul. From this point onward, you are emotionally connected with the journalists’ plight and you wonder what sort of monster could torture these people in such an inhuman way. However, the conclusion of the episode is unfulfilling in that we never see a meaningful resolution. What we do see are empowered journalists who are taught that in facing their abusers, they can be free. The last thing we see are governors, senators, and other politicians being approached by the SVU detectives and other journalists.


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