Social Media is Great and Wonderful

Social media is awesome. Because of how it’s grown over the last few years, we get stellar things like this Vine of the crazy gyrocopter guy in Washington D.C. set to the theme to Inspector Gadget. Things like this are really good justification for the existence of a just and loving God.

Social media is also awesome because it is an entire field of study now. Professionals are working very hard to study social media so they can, in turn, teach people how to be effective communicators through it… well, the bad professionals do that. The good professionals sell themselves as the means by which you can make your social media presence felt, all for a small fee of way too much for the normal person to afford.

Or you can try to make a few bucks by writing a satirical How To book on becoming better at tweeting about politics. Actually, you know what? Don’t do that. Because I am.

As of today, I’ve begun working on (what will undoubtedly be an e-book) “How to Twitter Politics.” We’re nearing the end of the school year, which leaves me with plenty of time over the summer to really do a lot of writing beyond what I do for my graduate classes and over at RedState (neither of which I’ll be stopping, mind you). Writing has always been fun for me, and now I hope to take it further and publish something so that my best friend, Z.K. McLendon, doesn’t end up being the only one of us to fulfill our dream of being published somewhere.

So, hopefully at some point, you might come across “How to Twitter Politics” online somewhere for like a dollar. I dunno.


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