Nerd Alert: I am far too excited about this Suicide Squad movie…

Much to the consternation of a few friends, I thoroughly loved the New 52 reboot of Suicide Squad from DC Comics. The cast was fantastic, and it was excellently written. The transformation of Amanda Waller from a fat bureaucrat to a thinner, more badass fighter was a welcome change (though, don’t get me wrong – fat bureaucrat Waller was still badass as all hell), and the Harley Quinn addition was amazing, even if the costume was frowned upon.

While leaner special ops expert Waller is not likely to be Viola Davis’ appearance in the Suicide Squad movie, I’m nonetheless excited about the prospects here. And, with the leaked footage out recently of Jared Leto’s work as the Joker, there is more than enough evidence to suggest it will be a lot more fun to watch than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (though, as a Batman nerd and eternal optimist regarding the Dark Knight, I am also not terribly worried about DoJ).

The best footage can be seen over at Nylon, and frankly, it looks as though Leto has the mannerisms of the Batman animated series’ Joker from the 90s down. No idea what his particular style of the Joker Voice is, but I’m good with it as long as he pulls the rest of the part off.

Also, the photos of Margot Robbie in the Harley Quinn outfit are not terribly hard on the eyes.

As my wife diagnosed earlier, apparently I’m much more interested in villains than heroes, which is why I am so much more excited about this movie, Will Smith or not, than I am Batman v. Superman, despite the fact that Batman is my absolutely favorite hero ever… Although, particularly where Batman is concerned, the Rogues Gallery is particularly colorful and just fun. Deadshot, played by the aforementioned Fresh Prince, has some complex motivations. Quinn is just so wonderfully crazy, and Joker is… diverse. Some of the others, like Killer Croc, provide an interesting cast to complement the big characters. I’m gonna love it, and it’ll make 2016 a lot more bearable.


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