John Kasich, David Duke, and Donald Trump

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I should, at least, crosspost the stuff I write at RedState, The Hayride, and the Natchitoches Parish Journal. That may be a goal. Moe Lane gets away with crossposting his content at his own site so, damnit, why shouldn’t I?

I’m going to rant about a few things for a few paragraphs, so give me a minute, if you don’t mind, to vent.

First, let me add on to a post I had up at RedState:

[John Kasich] said in the interview that we need politicians willing to set aside party and ideology in order to get things done. That is an actual quote said by a man running for president in a party that is tired of its leadership doing that (hence Donald Trump being a thing). The man has absolutely no chance, no matter what his New Hampshire polling is saying, of getting the nomination because at the end of the day he is everything the base utterly despises in its politicians – capitulating fools who want to be liked more than they want to govern.

The governor of Ohio is wrong in everything he promotes and stands for. He will likely not get the nomination, but we should fight extra hard to make sure he doesn’t.

Some extra thoughts I have on Kasich that are perhaps a little too mean for me to post at RedState:

Governor Kasich, from the very bottom of my heart, I wish you nothing but political misfortune. Every step of the way, as you open your mouth to preach to us to do what makes you feel better about yourself, I sincerely hope staff quits, donors flee, support fades, and your very career as a politician ends in the most glorious of crash-and-burns. It is with very little respect toward your political career that I say these things, because you are a blight on the GOP. This wretched party has been living by your mantra for years now, and the country is vastly worse off because of it. Had the GOP actually stood up and fought, and forced the Democrats into real negotiation, things might have been different. However, all the party has shown us is that they have no backbone for this sort of thing. To say “we need to cast aside party and ideology and work together” goes against everything you as a Republican are supposed to stand for, and as much as you like to talk about how much you knew and worked with Ronald Reagan, your political philosophies could be no further from his than if you were on the moon. Withdraw from the race, Kasich. I don’t care if St. Peter himself knocks on my front door tomorrow and tells me you have a one-way ticket into Heaven for all you’ve done. What you do, you are doing for yourself, and others suffer for it.

Now, moving right alone, here’s something I have up at The Hayride tonight:

You really need nothing more than the first paragraph of this BuzzFeed piece:

“David Duke, a former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and self-described ‘racial realist,’ says Donald Trump is the best Republican candidate for president because he ‘understands the real sentiment of America.'”

First of all, congratulations to David Duke for making it back into the news. Lamar White must be ecstatic to see Duke’s name out there again.

I’m not saying that all Trump supporters are racist. In fact, I understand the logic behind the support Trump is getting. The GOP sucks right now in terms of leadership, and someone completely outside the beltway, but with some name recognition and star power, can easily step in and change the game. But it is nigh-impossible to deny there is a racial tinge to the most radical of Trump supporters, who use terms like “cuckservative” to describe anyone who doesn’t support Trump.

That said, this more or less verifies a theory I discussed with Rob Maness at the beginning of August: The hardcore Trump supporters, the ones who say they will take their ball and go home if the Republicans don’t nominate Trump are the same people who were hardcore supporters of Duke in Louisiana: They only go out to vote when someone who appeals to their very race-specific agenda is on the ballot, and you don’t see those kinds of candidates very often (anymore?).

What gets me is that it took so long for someone to see what Trump was saying and think “…I wonder what David Duke has to say about this?”

You hear that, Trump fanatics? You are on the same side of the aisle as David Duke, the one man in all of politics that would make more than 60% of Louisiana vote for a known crook like Edwin Edwards. Who on earth could have fathomed that the man whose supporters call the anti-Trump crowd “cuckservatives” would be endorsed by Noted Klansman David Duke? Could you have guessed that? I am completely flummoxed!

This, guys, is why I am rapidly approaching the point where I think a few years of anarchy would suit us.


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