Donald the Clockmaker

I’ve developed a theory, gang. Let me run it by you.

Donald Trump announced a campaign that was largely meant to be a way to promote himself and be a sort of trolling campaign. What he didn’t expect was that the campaign would take off in new and exciting ways, getting at times well over a quarter of the voters’ support in early polling. He had no choice from that point forward – the trolling campaign had to continue. He was in too deep.

So, he keeps going with it, but slowly, the pieces begin falling apart. One by one, supporters begin slipping away, finding other candidates that are a bit more believable – even Ben Carson. Trump’s world begins to lose the meaning it had. The hoax campaign is revealed, and everyone just ignores it from here on out.

This sounds like a story out of Texas, doesn’t it?

Ahmed Mohamed’s inspiring story of Islamophobia leading to his arrest is crumbling apart to those who are paying attention. His sister had previously made bomb threats at school. His dad is a CAIR activist. He didn’t really build a clock, he just took one apart and put it back together in a package that looked suspiciously like a bomb (I work at a STEM school with a focus on technology and engineering, and I would have been highly suspicious of that presentation). CAIR has been working overtime to prove the mayor of that city is a radical Islamophobe and wants her gone. The whole thing reeked of a PR stunt.

Donald Trump is Ahmed the Clockmaker. The plot is exposed. The hoax laid bare. The trolling attempt grew out of control, well beyond his ability to manage it safely, and it’s revealed as a bad attempt to prove a point that had no point in being made. And, yet? People are still buying into this crap.

We, as a country, deserve Barack Obama.


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