Merry Christmas (Belatedly) And (Early) Happy New Year

Hello, folks. I’ve missed you. It’s true. I have. This is a short post just to give you some updates:

  1. I have a new Facebook page solely for my writings, and you can find it here. I’m keeping virtually all political postings off my Facebook account and only posting my writing on the page mostly because I like and want to keep my friends and family.
  2. There is a big change coming at RedState, if you haven’t already heard. Erick Erickson is stepping down to run his own site, which will tie in to his radio show out of Atlanta. Leon Wolf will be taking over as the top dog at RedState, and he has been doing a hell of a job transitioning in.
  3. I’m also doing some writing over at The Hayride, which is the must-read conservative site for Louisiana politics. Scott McKay was kind enough to ask me to join their crew, and it’s a damn good crew to have joined.
  4. I have a niece. I am an uncle now. Someone actually analyzed their life and thought, “I am comfortable living a life where Joe Cunningham will be a major influence on my kid.” In this case, it was my sister-in-law who had that thought.

So, there’s the latest. I’ll be popping up around here more often now that I have a phone (woo 6s Plus!) that won’t die mid-post (the battery life on my last post was utter crap, you see). I hope some of you folks are still around and want to be my friends.



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