Welcome To The Transition

Hi there. New domain, new layout (although probably temporary), new purpose.

I’m working on a re-branding, honestly. I’ve left a lot of the “Joe C., Esquire” stuff behind in order to build this brand using all the tools I have at my disposal. At the end of the day, I want a platform I can have my own identity on. The political stuff will be here as well as RedState and The Hayride, but the comedy, culture, and personal stuff needed a unique spot.

It also comes at a time when I’m seriously considering putting out at least one book in the near future (it was a New Year’s resolution, after all), so I want to have a site, at least for now, to promote it from should this first one be a self-published piece to get me started. If you saw my document folder with all my different writing projects, you’d see why I’m eager to get something published. It is a bit crowded in there.

So welcome to what was NiceLifeIndustries.com. Welcome to the official site of Joe Cunningham.


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